"Andrea, you gave an amazing presentation today! You personified your advice by living your purpose, to help us as class participants discover and act our purpose.

You delivered your presentation in a way that spoke to us on multiple levels. You appealed to our visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. We viewed slides and  inspirational videos, we listened to stories from your life experiences, and you illustrated concepts through exercises that encouraged us to get up and move around the room. You engaged our intellect as well as our hearts and the 3 hours of class time passed quickly."- Charles B

"We had the privilege of having Andrea come into our workplace and speak to a group of administrative professionals. The first thing I noticed about Andrea was her radiate, joyful demeanor. Then she started speaking; in such a gentle, kind and unassuming way. We often go about our days as if we’re walking on a treadmill that rarely stops. It doesn’t stop to reflect on our wants, passions, and future direction. Andrea shared this great idea of making a list of our values. And, using those values to actually guide your life. It was nice to get off the treadmill of life for a moment and have her share what we could do to be sure we’re living a life of “excellence.” A life we choose. I would highly recommend Andrea for any speaking engagement where you looking for an uplifting soul to come share! Thank you for your time and sharing part of your journey with us!" - CB

"To describe Andrea’s presentation it was absolutely awesome, excellent, inspirational, outstanding, powerful, motivating, enlightening, amazing, and captivating. The presentation had me thinking about my own life which helped me put some things in perspective.  She is blessing lives with her powerful message." - KS

"I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Campbell. Great speaker, very inspirational, a lot of energy just a very pleasant lady. I was so pleased and inspired by her presence, that I purchased her book and am in the process of reading." - AS

"I loved her, so genuine and helpful."

"She is a very inspirational speaker. Really enjoyed her presentation."

"Loved her honesty and energy. Can't wait to read her book."

"Great presentation! Thank you for your inspiration."

"Thank you for being YOU!"

"Your eloquent words have strengthened and inspired me. I think most importantly your words gave me confirmation to keep going no matter how tough things may get." - LB