Room Setup

All attendees must be able to see and hear Andrea. She does like to go into the audience and interact with participants. Ideally, there would be no more than ten (10) feet from the first row of seats/ tables to the stage.

During luncheon or dinner programs, please do not allow servers to serve food or clear plates during her presentation. Any desserts should already be on the table to avoid distraction during the program.

Andrea prefers not using a lectern. However, if it is necessary for a lectern to be on the stage for another part of the meeting, please have it set to the side of the stage for Andrea’s presentation.

In the rare event that Andrea uses visual aids in the program, screens should be raised or positioned off to the side. All equipment that is unnecessary for Andrea’s program should be removed if possible.


Full house lights are best so everyone can see her facial expressions. If using image magnification and/ or video-taping, please use as much house light as possible.