Introduction of Andrea D. Campbell

( Aun-dray-uh  Dee  Kam-bahl )


You are in for a treat! Our speaker, Andrea D. Campbell, MSE, MBA is the Founder and Chief Caring Officer (CCO) at Vybrant Living, LLC. As a transformation expert and consultant, she helps organizations achieve higher productivity and increase profits by creating a radical caring and engaging workplace culture. 

For over 20 years, Andrea worked in the medical industry as an engineer, consultant and trainer. Her extensive experience has given Andrea unique knowledge and wisdom. Because of this, she has developed an innovative program to educate professionals on how to create a radical caring environment and have a quantum leap in key outcomes through the Radical Caring & Engagement Initiative.

Andrea is a two-time cancer survivor who understands what it takes to be resilient during these challenging times. She is the author of The Heart of Radical Caring: A Heart-Centered Approach in Transforming Workplace Culture and Driving Revenue, The Beautiful Journey: Finding Purpose Through Cancer and God Never Wastes a Hurt: 3 Steps to Move from Pain to Purpose.

Andrea received her bachelors and master’s degree in engineering from Case Western Reserve University and her MBA from Weatherhead School of Management. Also, Andrea had her executive coaching certifications from Weatherhead School of Management, Brave Thinking Institute and CaPP Institute.

Andrea is a dog mom to a 16-year-old yorkie named Gigi, also known as G-Squared

Please welcome…Andrea D. Campbell.