As an keynote speaker, Andrea educates, enrich and empower others. To learn more about her keynote topics and to read client testimonials, please click to learn more below.


Are you ready to make a difference in your life? Andrea is a passionate about helping others live the life they desire, deserve and love. She will help you transform your perspective, discover your identity, and explore the opportunities to make better life decisions and maximize your greatest potential in business.  

It’s time to make bold, confident, and courageous moves toward the life you deserve.

Book Publishing

Dannie Boy Publishing is a boutique publishing company. For more information on services, please contact Andrea by clicking below.


Educating, enriching and empowering others...


Coaching is an ongoing tool that empowers your personal transformation. In this transformation, you will uncover the answers, make important decisions, clarify your purpose and vision, strategize and plan, and make shifts that enable you to succeed at higher levels than ever before. By investing in yourself, you will build a stronger level of commitment to achieve the goals you desire, at a faster pace. We are excited about helping you transform your perspective, discover your identity, and explore your opportunities.


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