The Beautiful Journey: Finding Purpose Through Cancer


The Beautiful Journey is an inspirational story that chronicles Andrea's journey through cancer. However, it's more than a story about cancer, it's about how she found her purpose as a result of facing this adversity. In this book, Andrea shares her raw, honest experiences as she claimed victory over cancer. The book is more than just about cancer. She shares the lessons she learned as a result her battle. Also, at the end of each chapter, Andrea has questions for the readers to reflect on so they can go on their own “beautiful journey.”

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"The Beautiful Journey is a book which offers life to anyone who reads it. One could find their life more meaningful because of the messages contained within it. The author is one of the most altruistic persons one could ever want to meet. She has shared her story of a life threatening disease, a battle with cancer. The chronology or log of timely events day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year contributes a beautiful scenario for comprehensive ease. As they were emailed to special individuals. The support was graciously received. Another asset I recognized was the manner in which the English language was manipulated using lyrics of songs, prayers, everyday speech and personal experiences. All of which were appreciated. She moved from a very common level to a higher intellectual level or rather from the simple to the complex. What an original way to dramatize the story. Throughout the book, captivating topic titles grabbed one's vision immediately. I called all of this creativity and a huge enhancement to her writing skills. Even on a second attempted attack of the ominous disease, prayer and faith ushered in a leading role in the path toward getting well. Final notes of review, her expression of gratitude directed to everyone who participated in the "Beautiful Journey". Gratitude, feels comparable to a virtuous characteristic. Notable, praise worthy and a big, big proof of her altruism, Andrea sponsored a "cancer walk" activity, opened for others to walk for a healing cause . You are encouraged to walk on by faith each day . . . then you'll never walk alone. I found the book flawless, and although a difficult subject, I enjoyed reading it!" - RH

God Never Wastes a Hurt: 3 Steps to Move from Pain to Purpose


When you face the trials of adversity, moving forward and rediscovering true happiness can seem impossible. If you are ready to push past the pain and start living the life you deserve, be inspired by the words of Andrea Campbell in God Never Wastes a Hurt. As a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and life coach, Campbell is the voice you need to take you on your journey from ordinary to extraordinary and start living your life—on purpose.

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"Awesomeness! A must read." - XX

"I was excited when I read your book. It put things into perspective for me. Time for me to do the work!" - NYSMNYD

"Where do I begin... The 3 steps are very inspiring and motivating. We must find our purpose in life. God has a plan for us all. God never Wastes a Hurt, will help you understand your purpose... I love you for sharing." - CM


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