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Andrea D. Campbell, MS, MBA is a professional speaker, author and transformational coach. After spending over 20 years in Corporate America as a successful engineer, trainer, and salesperson, she decided to follow her heart’s desire to help individuals and organizations transform their lives, professions and businesses through the POWER OF CARING. She understands desire, self-awareness, and compassion (for self, patients, and peers) is necessary for great leadership. In her keynote presentations and workshops, she informs and inspires healthcare professionals to be bold and make the intentional change necessary to achieve their desired results..with compassion.

Andrea is a professional speaker, author and transformational coach who has over twenty years of experience in the medical industry. She has worked as a sales professional, engineer, and technical consultant. In her various positions, she consulted and trained physicians and other healthcare professionals. She has spent countless hours in surgeries where I was considered to be a part of the medical team. Also, she has partnered with doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide the best care for patients. Her unique experience of working with both medical professionals and patients have given her insights to the dynamics of the medical profession and the challenges and stressors encountered under normal circumstances. Since COVID-19, everything has been amplified.

As a two-time cancer survivor, Andrea understands what it takes to be resilient in the face of challenge and adversity. She released her book, The Beautiful Journey, to support those affected by cancers, whether personally or a loved one. In her book, Andrea shares her raw, honest experiences as she is forced to make heavy, life-saving decisions. However, The Beautiful Journey is more than a story about cancer. Andrea recounts many valuable lessons she learned facing this adversity and takes you on your own journey of self-awareness. These lessons have been especially useful during these challenging times. 

Andrea is a Certified Executive Coach with certifications from the Weatherhead School of Management, Brave Thinking Institute and the CaPP Institute. She received her MBA from Weatherhead School of Management, her master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), and her bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from CWRU. Also, she is the Director of the Speaker's Academy for the National Speakers Association (Ohio Chapter).